“Meet the Greek Gods”, Excursion in Mount Olympus

(lunch and dinner are included)
Price: €75
This tour will take you to the footsteps of Mt. Olympus; also known as the “home of Gods”. We will first visit Dion, the religious center of the Macedonians, where the mythical 12 Olympic Gods were worshipped. During the tour we will visit the Archeological Park and the Archeological Museum of Dion, one of the biggest archaeological sites in Greece. The ancient city was sacred to the ancient Macedonians and Alexander the Great used to make here sacrifices to the Gods, before starting a new campaign to conquer the world.
Later on, we will arrive in the village of Litochoro, where we will take a mild guided walk. A chance to breathe the fresh mountain air, admire the natural beauty, whilst walking through unspoiled forest of the Ainipeas Valley. We will then have time to enjoy our coffee or ouzo in a traditional local café. Returning to Litochoro, we will have the time for an optional lunch break and for a walk around the picturesque village. Early in the evening, we will return to Thessaloniki.
What to bring with...?
Trekking shoes
Sunglasses (it might be still summerlike in Greece)
Rainproof coat (the weather is sometimes unpredictable in the mountains)
Camera - mobile phones with camera (to keep nice moments for a lifetime)
Good mood (that is always required in Greece)

So are you getting excited for this field trip to the history and nature of Greece?

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