Carole Kerdelhué – short CV


Carole Kerdelhué obtained her Ph-D in 1997 from INA-PG, Paris, France, in ecology and phylogeny of fig insects. After a post-doc in Rochester, NY, she obtained a research position in INRA Orléans in phylogeography and population genetics to understand the ecology and evolution of bark beetle insects, with a special attention for the genus Tomicus.
She then moved to Bordeaux in 2004 and to Montpellier in 2010. Most of her research now focuses on the pine processionary moth complex (Thaumetopoea pityocampa / T. wilkinsoni, Lepidoptera) over the Mediterranean Basin, dealing both with neutral population genetic structures at various spatial scales, including studies of contact and hybrid zones, and with population genomics approaches to decipher the allochronic differentiation of a peculiar population with a shifted life cyle (coll. M. Branco, Univ. Lisbon). She has recently been involved in the developement of significant genomic and transcriptomic resources for T. pityocampa.